Thursday, May 2, 2013

Write What You Want

Write What You Want

Most people are familiar with The Law of Attraction these days.  Following The Secret’s tremendous success, it became a fairly well known philosophy.  Have you ever tried it?  Write, draw, paint, sing, pray (yes, I believe that is very much applicable to the Law of Attraction) for something you deeply desire?  It doesn’t have to be deep with all the emotional investment in the world.  It can be fun and light-hearted – an opportunity to fantasize and be silly.  Can’t we all use a little silly these days?

Most know, I write this blog to stay true to myself, keep a light heart engaged and be funny when I can (yes Brendan, girls can be funny)…  So at the beginning of last summer, I wrote a blog about Summer Lovin’.  There were seeds to that desire: who doesn't want to feel loved?  Being raised a Gamecock, hope springs eternal because hope had to spring as the mighty cockbirds never won most of my life ;-)!  So I decided I would write the “Aren't Summer Loves Grand” blog/wish for myself, for my nieces since they are getting to that age where boys are very interesting (sorry Chris), for fellow singles and for marrieds that could use a little romance.

Shortly after, I had one of the most amazing good night kisses.  I keep hearing Lady Antebellum – “just a kiss on your lips in the moonlight” – among some other fun songs that relive that night.  But the point of the story is not about where that went (or didn’t go because, sadly nothing evolved); this blog is about believing.  Being present for something wonderful and letting it happen.  Reaffirming that there are special people out there that see you & make you feel special too.  And knowing that any day, life can bring an amazing gift – letting you know greatness awaits you as long as you LIVE.  So maybe something did evolve; a reaffirmation what can be if we let go and let God.

So #ThisJane Says, write (or your chosen vehicle of expression) what you want to happen.  Let yourself dream and believe.  It is out there and will present itself when you least expect it because you just know it just will.  Oh and here's to 2013 Summer Loves...!   ;-)

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