Monday, April 23, 2012

Find Your Laughing Place

My parents used to call their dog, Buck, their “laughing place” (a la Uncle Remus).  I admit, there was a time when that made me a bit jealous of my 4-legged brother because I had that moniker when I was a kid.  But having my own pup now that is busting at the seams with personality and funny quirks – I totally get it.

My dog, Mia Hammbone, makes me laugh.  I can’t believe how much personality a dog can have but Mia exudes it.  Every time I walk through the door – whether 2 minutes later because I forgot something or several hours later after being out and about – Mia is waiting by the door.  The greeting is quick: a brief sniffing and licking and half jumping (since jumps aren’t allowed), then off she runs to her toy basket because it is time to play!  Usually returning with an AKC rabbit, duck or quail (or other toy) in mouth, she charges back towards me, pauses half way into downward facing dog and growls – a low rumbling GRRR – that is her “Let’s Play” growl.  I snicker now just describing it!

Then there are mornings. While most everyone does not believe me, she does not sleep with me.  Mia’s preference is her own bed or more often, the couch in the other room.  I love this independence - reminds me of... Anyway, my morning routine is to feed Mia then shower.  Without fail, this sweet, "what, me?" face greets me after my shower… from MY bed, and often on my pillow no less.  Makes me laugh every day!  And when time allows, I run over for a little snuggle/hug and "you're the best dog in the world" affections.  This, I admit, does not discourage Mia from getting on the bed each morning.  But I wouldn’t trade starting each day with a hearty laugh and thankful feeling for such a great dog with so much character.

We are all over-tired, worked, stressed, extended, etc - so #ThisJane Says find your own laughing place.  "Take your frown, turn it upside down, and you’ll find yours I know ho ho."

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