Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover… literally!

Even with that big, challenging (while very common) expression as the headline where I chose to start, I am a little nervous to admit why.  Maybe everyone reading this is more mature than I, but I am worried people will judge me.  But here goes – let’s talk @Rob Lowe.  I mean, truly – has there been another man more pretty?  I really don’t mean that as condescendingly as it may sound but my goodness, he is just beautiful.  And of course like most men, he (irritatingly) has gotten hotter with age – if that were possible. 

I’m a child of the 80s so he was always on the radar but I fully admit – I saw the pretty and the wild child roles (Billy being many girls’ first bad boy crush), and just didn’t think much beyond that.  Then there was the well-known video, the lesser known rehab stint and off the radar.  I thought another Hollywood child star tale – as common as they come – and didn’t think much else about him.  Later, he returned in great comedic roles, on the West Wing and where I fell in love on Brothers & Sisters – all of which truly proved his chops as an actor.

I misjudged this man.  Last year, he road showed his book with his wife (saw them on Oprah).  Hearing him speak was impressive and made me want to learn more. His autobiography is titled Stories I Only Tell My Friends.  #ThisJane was sure that meant gossipy scoop on all the Hollywood shenanigans.  I was wrong again! @Rob Lowe is intelligent, hard working, devoted, driven, self aware, honest and in love with his wife and family.  The last two traits, of course, being so very attractive and awesome. If that weren't enough, he is extremely well written.  And most impressive is that the way he writes gives the reader a sense of friendship, as I imagine he intended.  I would be thrilled with that talent. 

While I was very committed to writing this blog entry (heck I even considered sending a fan letter but that must have been the 80s child in me), I was a bit timid about what someone would think of the recommendation and rave review.  This book was that impressive to me.  We have all felt judged – for age or level of attractiveness, hair color or height, accents or roots.  So I believe it would appeal to any reader that: admires someone with a dream, that recognizes their mistakes, learns from them, intentionally grows into a better person, and is brave enough to share that journey with the world.  #ThisJane Says don’t judge a book by its cover (literally) – you might miss out!


  1. Yes! I loved this book too, but definitely felt a little silly telling folks about it! ha! it was a book club book. Easy, fun, interesting read.

    1. Lol! So I'm in good company! So glad! Easy is right. Now hoping I haven't oversold it. Not a life changing type book - like Left To Tell and Unbroken - but a great, fun, interesting read.

  2. I am starting to understand why people keep calling me Rob...intrigued to read the book now.