Thursday, March 29, 2012

Write a letter!

Write an actual pen and paper, stamp and send through snail USPS mail.  They are seriously hurting for funding so we should support our fellow citizens that work at the post office by dropping $0.44 on a note.  Do you remember the last time you got something personal in the mail?  Signed by a friend or family member with love or even XX's and OO's?  It is a pretty feel good moment in a day - especially when arriving among bills and people wanting!

Two years ago, I was missing my best friend/roomie from college.  We lost touch as often happens after graduating, getting married (her), kids born (hers again) and moving a few states away (her a third time).  Life is demanding and it is tough to keep up.  So after a year of intending, I wrote a long letter - we're talking 7 pages - just to tell her how important a person she had been in my life.  Having had a dear friend like that is a great feeling.  She played a tremendous role in my life and I wanted to share the good feeling I still get reflecting on that friendship.  A month later and another 3 pages, I finally got it in the mail - with the DVD of one of our favorite movies from college days (Beauty and the Beast - we even had the movie poster in our room).  I write all this because even 6 months later, I still feel good about writing her - giving her a gift of appreciation without any expectations of getting something back.

Could be a good thing to do for someone old or new that is special.  And you will both glow with feeling that way.  They say it is better to give than to receive and coming from a gal that LOVES to receive, I can't argue in this case.  Such an easy, nice thing to do - married pals can even slip a note into a suitcase before a business trip... #ThisJane is just sayin'...


  1. I love looking back at old letters... I have some saved (from Granny, mom, etc...) in an old shoebox... Can't do that with email, can you ?

  2. Very true Carolinagirl_inFL! One of the coolest compliments I have gotten since blogging - a friend said she wrote a letter after this one. That was pretty cool!