Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Find joy in all you do!

This one is tough but such a rewarding experience if incorporated into one's life. That's not to say I succeed every day... I do drive in Charlotte after all.  (Those outside the city, Charlotteans are notoriously offensive drivers - ex. they speed up to block you when you signal a lane change. It is fierce!)  Outside of driving the perilous streets of the Queen City, I realized I was tired of all the emotional energy I was wasting on all these little, every day things.  
  • I have to stop and get gas!  I hate that.
  • Work drama - no example needed - you either live it or watch(ed) The Office.
  • I committed to Junior League (insert own favorite non-profit that also makes you crazy) but I don't have time.
  • Stupid gym - why can't I have my own chef, trainer, yoga instructor and spiritual guide like Jennifer Aniston to keep me in shape.  If it were my job, I'd be happy to work out.
  • Mia wants to play ball... again.  (This one really gets me as it includes struggling with providing joy to someone/thing? else).
You get the point. Now, I am a happy person - pretty sure my friends and family wouldn't accuse me of otherwise. But the light grumblings in my head about the everyday things started getting on my nerves.  As a person who lives alone, when you get on your own nerves - you need to address it ;-)  So I decided to try to change that attitude. As my favorite quote by Abraham Lincoln says, "Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."  Darn right!

Choosing to see the good things (I can afford gas, I have a great job at a great company, I am part of something helping others, etc.) in the mundane details of my life, helps me feel more joyful and happy. My heart is genuinely lighter these days by focusing on all my wonderful blessings and finding joy in what I do. I am pretty sure that translates into better quality too: work production, mama to my pup, friend, family member, etcetera.  While This Jane knows it is easy to get sidetracked (I did today), we just have to keep making up our minds to be happy and we will find joy in all we do.


  1. "looking at the bright side" is pretty much the jist of my Lent commitment... Thanks for the timely commentary :-)

    1. It is a lot tougher in the face of some thugs I mean things than others! :-) hang in there - love you!!

    2. Ha ha ;-) no kidding... As they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... I'm taking that literally this week...