Thursday, February 23, 2012

Go on a blind date (if you're single),

Because you just never know - movie upon movie has been produced, book after book has been written, it's the tale as old as time.  (Anyone else singing the rest of that line from Beauty and the Beast?)  There wouldn't be so much media dedicated and money spent & made on the theme of finding love if it doesn't really happen.  I'm always so thankful for my Gamecock roots because I was raised as a Hope Springs Eternal person (every fall - maybe this is the year...!)

The dating service industry in the U.S. is projected to be worth $2.1 BILLION (with a BA) in 2012, that's according to a VERY recent google search.  People are looking for it and wanting to connect.  In today's society, we are all so "plugged in" that we are losing human contact and the amazing gift of companionship.

It is ironic (don't cha think?) that technology creates a chasm within relationships (video games, t.v., headphones, laptops, apps, etc) while so many people now rely on websites and online tools to "meet" someone to share their life.  The last time I hung out with my niece, we searched high and low to find real cards to play a card game (spite malice, a family fav) versus just using the iPad app.  Once we finally got the cards dealt, my sister walked by and said, "Oh, you're playing with real cards.  Takes so much longer, doesn't it!"  No truer words spoken!  It took me forever to whip up on my 10 year old niece but funny response from my sis in the context of this diatribe (definition 3 in Websters = satirical criticism.  I looked it up to make sure I was using it correctly... I am still not sure).

So what does all that have to do with going on a blind date?  I am sure that part of God's plan for us is to be part of a community, a family, a team.  Of course, families come in a variety of ways such as my dear friends that take me in as their own in Charlotte, but ultimately that is what I believe.  So I go on blind dates - because you just never know.  One can find a new friend or love, have a great time but no spark or walk away with some really great stories!  (Boy, do I have a TON of those) At some point I will share the really funny ones - such as the guy driving the Silver Bullet.  How do I know that was the name of his car?  It was airbrushed on the hood with a howling wolf.  Will save the rest for another day as it does get better! :-)  And for now, just delighting in tonight's great blind date!

p.s. Married friends - of which I have a LOT - plan a fun, random date you haven't done in awhile or a blind activity for your mate and see what you can learn new about each other too!


  1. My mom had a blind date with my dad so....

  2. My parents too...but they double blind dated and were supposed to be paired up the the other guy/girl that were involved. My mom said she took one look at the other guy and b-lined for my dad. The story is complicated after that (vietnam war, one cancelled wedding, and a trip cross-country) but they ended up together in the end. Which leads to my next point that maybe you shouldn't always completely forget about your exs. Although in my case I absolutely agree that you should. Anyway Fun reading Jane! Keep it up :) XOXO