Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dress Up to impress a 3-year old

Emma and I are best friends.  Her mom was the first person to voice that in referencing Emma and I to one of her fellow moms.  That sentiment still warms my heart.  Yes, I am 38 years old and understand saying “best friends” may sound silly or trite.  But my precious 3-year old bestie, Emma, and I are two peas in a pod that adore each other and that is a rare, special thing.  I would even argue that at 38, I know how valuable a connection that is in today’s transient, disconnected world.

So when her birthday is approaching, my question to her mom is how can I make it special?  And I love that her mom already knew!  “It’s a princess party- want to come as Cinderella?”  No doubt I do!!!  Such fun for me!  I love any excuse to dress up but Cinderella?  Game on! 

Princesses Adrienne and Emma with Cinderella
Day arrives and I thought I was prepared.  Costume, check.  Hair band, check.  Long gloves, check.  Choker necklace, check.  Not glass, but special shoes that match the magical blue dress, check.  I even practice the song – just in case.  “A dream IS a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep”.  

But the kiddos and the birthday girl herself, aren’t quite sure what to think. "Is Cinderella really here" expressions and hesitations, while sad for the kiddos, COMPLETELY make my day…!  I’m passing for Cinderella…!  Sweet!  After awhile, they get comfortable with the princess in their midst (and yes, I fully realize the jabs I am opening myself up to with that comment), and we take pictures, swing, eat cake together and so forth. 

Two things made this Cinderella’s (if only for a day) day: 1 – being a part of a family that is so very special to me and truly takes care of me as their own – especially making precious Emma’s birthday an unexpected treat.  And 2 – After all the kiddos had a go at the tiara piñata, I was on deck to finish the deal.  Quietly whispering under my breath, “I’ve been dating since I was 16, where is he???”, I have my turn and bust that crown wide open for candy delights for all!  Win – win!

#ThisJane Says go all in for the kids in your life and do it with all the love in your heart!

Last quote must be credited to Charlotte on an episode of Sex and the City.