Monday, June 25, 2012

Aren't Summer Loves Grand

Come on – you remember summer camp…  Cute boy, bonfire, movie night, holding hands walking back to your cabin…  There is nothing like a little summer romance.  As summertime takes over 2012, my fervent hope is that sentiment stays true - no matter what age! 

In high school at camp, there was “the waiting game”.  We all had crushes on fellow camp counselors (or staff members), needless to say.  Counselor canteen started 30 minutes after lights out and was simply hanging out at “The Place”.  The friendship, fellowship and flirting was alive and well at the end of each day.  The last 2 people awake, that outlasted everyone else, "won" the waiting game and got to steal goodnight kisses.  Oh the silly grin on my face as I recall the innocence of youth and share that vivid memory J.

These days my nieces are camp goers and I know they have a wonderful time each summer.  They have found the love of a place that few people know and we now share.  But beyond that shared love of a special thin place between heaven and earth, my ardent hope is that they each have summer loves (perhaps new, year after year) that excite them, cherish them and adore them!  Until one day, a guy comes along and “gets it”.  That’s what we are all want for our loved ones, right?

But oh, the fun of flirting… of visiting a special place… of the anticipation of the person you want to know better in the long days and cool, sticky nights of summertime.  While camp was many, many years ago, it is still nice to think about interests that come around and make you feel fun & alive.  As adults, we find new “camps” – places of common interests and passions in our lives.

#ThisJane Says find your summer romance – whether reawakening flirting feelings of you college summer love and now wife, or still on the search for God’s plan...  Maybe at Pops in the Park, a day on the lake, a night out with friends, or a neighborhood cookout – make summer love grand!

"Summer lovin’ had me a blast, summer lovin’ happened so fast." (anyone else notice a constant soundtrack in my life?  Always a tune to accompany the moment/thought/sentiment/feeling :-)

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