Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get to Know Your Parent’s Song

The Beginning
This may sound bizarre, but I love knowing my parent’s (or perhaps one of) song!  Admittedly, I have old school tendencies and love music from my parent’s era – it’s the music I grew up hearing and singing along.  There is magic to it.  Granted I am so blessed to have folks still together and hope this diatribe isn’t hurtful to friends, but I can honestly say I know love can last. 

My parents and I are close – closer than normal at times I imagine.  But I cherish our friendship.  While I am fully aware that I don’t know all the details (don’t want to) of their 45+ years together, I know they are still there and love each other very much.  An amazing fete in the world as we know it!  Inspiring and assuring to me but an attainable thing, set in reality.  I have seen that marriage is hard, that feelings get hurt, that marriage is work – among a lot of other things.  But even when they are frustrated and find each other trying (or flat out difficult), I also see them recognize their friendship, commitment and life that they have built together.

Mackey & Minnie
One time many years ago, I asked what they thought made marriage work.  Of course, they answered love, but also luck in that they have grown together (which I think is a result of work, forgiveness, respect and acceptance).  But finished their list with mostly being each other’s best friend.  Mom recently said to me, it is so nice to have a teammate, that one person that is always on your side.  AMEN!  That is my fervent prayer – for them, for my family and friends, and of course, for me!!  J

Surely it is work to get where they are now and not always smooth sailing, but what a lovely place they are today.  I have such admiration and respect of what I perceive to be a result of stepping back and saying, okay – ultimately we love each other, are best friends, and are in this life journey together so let’s focus on the good. 

YAY Mackey & Joyce!
And I’ll always cherish that day I played my new “old” music playlist for them.  The awe and excitement that I had “their song” on my "new" playlist.  And of course, the singing and dancing that followed (we are Singletons after all!) - but also seeing the old feelings new.  #ThisJane Says find out your parent’s song, or find one for you and your love and play it from time to time.  Remember to make old feelings new! 

“I know, I’ll never love this way again, so I keep holding on, before the good is gone.  I know I’ll never love this way again, hold on, hold on, hold on.”

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  1. Jane, your blog always makes me smile. So please, keep blogging so I can keep smiling. Scott